The Life of a Hermit

For anyone who has ever visited Edinburgh you cannot miss the Firth of Forth estuary to the north of the city.  At the mouth of the Firth lies a barren little island known as Bass Rock.  It is a wild, windswept place with no trees or habitation and surrounded by churning seas as the Firth meets the North Sea.  Just bare rock and about a million seabirds.  In the 6th century the monk St Baldred, for some unknown reason, moved to the island to live the life of a hermit.  He is said to have performed at least one miracle whilst living there – raising the island right out of the water so a ship could pass safely underneath (good skills)

Life for the folks at Valent has been somewhat similar, if a tad more congenial, to that of St Baldred.  We do not claim the magnitude of his higher calling but each employee is living an almost hermit existence in whatever role they perform for the company. Staff who can work from home have been doing that since the March 20 lockdown.  I have only visited our factory twice in the past year and the second time I still had on my day pyjamas!

In our factory each worker now has there own monk like cell, screened off from each other by large screens and any interaction executed from distance with mask in place.  All we need is some lyrical chanting to complete the picture.

The situation is far from ideal but with a workforce that last saw their 30’s sometime ago it has been essential.  So far it has kept our folks safe and the company working, albeit a bit slower than normal, on all our projects (more on these in later posts).

Our work might not rank up there with St B’s miracles but I like to think that the Almighty is looking down and keeping an eye on all of us just in case any wayward ships are heading in our direction…


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