Research and Development

“We will find a way or make one”

The General Hannibal, when faced with the crossing the Alps to defeat the Roman army, is reputed to have said to his generals who had declared it impossible,  “Aut viam inveniam aut faciam” which roughly translated means “We shall either find a way or make one”.  This neatly sums up our approach to projects we are faced with.  Many organisations come to us to solve the problems they cannot.  We have a superb reputation in this regard and fiercely protect it.  Never satisfied with what we have achieved, we are constantly striving to optimise our systems using feedback from the organisations we work with.

We work from concept, through design and prototyping, all the way to final production with efficiency and reliability. Our team has a great deal of experience in CBRN/EOD environments and this combined with our skill set in mechanical and electronic engineering means we are ideally suited to high end R&D programs. This is why we are so often involved in impossible bespoke projects. We have not had a challenge yet that our team has not been equal to.

On site have a fully equipped mechanical engineering design office and workshop capable of building prototypes for testing. We have invested in our facility and are installing a state of the art manufacturing workshop to make us fully independent in the production of our equipment.  We have also built a fully equipped indoor internal trials and demonstration facility on-site.

As inventors we also enjoy the freedom of being able to adapt our equipment to suit new applications. Our inventiveness was recognised with a Queens Award for Innovation and a UK Chief Scientific Officers Commendation for our work in Syria.

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