Reports from the Robot

Phenomenal robotics system anyone?

This is NOT Dexter!!

A few years ago we were introduced to the Veolia Nuclear System’s (formerly Oxford Technology) Dexter robotics system.  It totally blew us away.  

A true haptic feedback system that was hugely versatile, intuitive to use and could be picked up in minutes.  Ever since, we have been telling anyone in the EOD community who would stand long enough to listen that they need to go and see it, play with it and think about all the tasks that it could do compared to standard robotics equipment

Valent are therefore very pleased to be working with VNS after they were awarded funding through the DASA Telexistence Competition run on behalf of MoD (Cutting-edge Telexistence technology given funding boost – GOV.UK (

We can’t wait to get started and help show off all that Dexter can do.