Products & Services

Valent have a range of equipment designed to allow the safe investigation and disposal of toxic materials in sealed containers and systems.  Although our range of standard equipment is small we have the ability to design and manufacture bespoke solutions tailored to a customers requirement.




The Midas sampling system allows access to the contents of a suspect container (CW and TICS’s) using a simple, safe, reliable and leak-free approach.


This Remote Case Entry System allows EOD/CBRN teams to quickly neutralise chemical and biological threats by dealing directly with the internal contents.

MATE Trepanning System

The MATE trepanning systems offers EOD teams are more flexible approach for coring munitions without requiring access to the circumference of the device.


Matilda is an innovative fuze removal system for munitions and air dropped ordnance. Offering smooth, impact free torque using an air powered hydraulic pump.


The Aardvark system offers an easy to use, safe way to investigate & dispose of CW hazards, in sealed containers and munitions.


The Valent Mamba product range offers the world’s first lightweight, remotely controlled system for the investigation and disposal of CBRN hazards.

MATS Monica

‘Monica Agent Transfer System’ is a lightweight, compact system designed to empty and backflush munitions, IEDs  or containers of Toxic Industrial Chemicals once accessed by the Monica Case Entry System.