Monica Hits the Far East

Although a small company we are particularly proud of the fact we have worked on projects and shipped our kit to all parts of the world from the Antipodes through the Middle East and Europe all the way to North America.  As good as that was two geographical regions still eluded us, however – The Far East and South America.

I am delighted to say that we knocked off one of those areas last month when we shipped a gorgeous Monica Remote Case Entry kit to a customer in the Far East.

I have just returned from doing the training and Monica proved herself once again to be the superb, tried and trusted system that she is.  Simple to train on, simple to use, she just excels at doing what she is meant to without fuss.  Combine her with our MATS agent transfer system and you can sample, empty and backflush a chemical weapon faster than you can say Novichok!

For those who want to know more about Monica or even just why she has that particular name drop us an email and we will wax lyrical about our grand lady of invasive technology.


  1. michael avenell

    good to see the old girl still providing a great capability

    Mick Avenell – former UN weapons inspector

    • Blog Author

      Thanks Mick

      She is in her 7th iteration and she is a pleasure to work with – does what it says on the tin

      Steve – Ops Dir for Valent


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