Look younger with invasive technology

Welcome to the Valent Applications Blog/Vlog thingy.  As a company we have shied away from doing something like this. Most company social media stuff is pretty mundane, usually out of date and to be honest do you really care Bill in accounts has completed 25 years (way to go Bill!).

However these are strange times in which we live at the moment, so we thought it might be fun to start something a bit different as a way of communicating to the outside world when we cant meet face to face. Just to cover all the bases we will replicate some of this stuff on our LinkedIn page; https://www.linkedin.com/company/valentapps – follow us if you have not already.

First of all we will still have some normal company stuff on here – product launches, birthdays, staff deaths etc but we also want to have content which reflects what we do, how we think and anything else that interests us.  We like to think of ourselves as being a bit different.

Not in a scary, stay away from them kind of way but more like a quirky, loveable, thinking out of the box kinda way.

Like most of our innovative product ideas these musings will be created after a couple of glasses of red wine and some inner reflection.  That said they will try (and I mean try) and stay within the bounds of;

  • What our kit does type stuff
  • CBRN/HAZMAT type stuff
  • Cool Engineering & R&D type stuff
  • Anything cool that the Royal Engineers or EOD are doing (author’s privilege)
  • Anything related to adventure sports, cycling or open water swimming (what can I say…)

Feel free to comment (or not).  Constructive criticism is welcome but if you start getting nasty I will tell my mum and get you kicked off the site.  First proper blog to follow next week – Who knew Badgers could be so scary!

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  1. Charles Buchan

    Brilliant – looking forward to more


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