Working in defence and civilian hazardous environments

Although the core of Valent’s work is in the defence and security sectors its invasive technology is applicable in many environments.  The equipment we produce can conduct automatic, fully sealed penetrations of pipelines and tanks just as well as it does in battlefield munitions.  Organisations who have made use our our systems find that it provides a very fast and cost effective solution to their very challenging tasks.

Defence & Security.

Valent have a long track record in these sectors.  We work with organisations on 4 continents, designing solutions and providing equipment and training for CBRN/EOD challenges.  Our kit and personnel have deployed to all the main recent CW ‘hotspots’ with the world’s leading organisations in the field.

We also work with specialist units responsible for CT and stockpile destruction operations.

The quality of our work and equipment has been recognised with a Queens Award and with other plaudits from UK MoD and US DoD.

Civil Nuclear Decommissioning.

An emerging market for Valent, it nonetheless is proving to be particularly suitable for invasive technology where the ability to access hazardous areas is invaluable. Working with commercial partners in the industry Valent have deployed their technology on major decommissioning projects within the UK and are currently at an early stage with looking at work overseas.

Valent have proven how adaptable their equipment is by having it deployed using a 30m robotic arm into a heavily contaminated area in order to investigate potential hazards.


Industrial Hazards.

Whether toxic chemicals or unknown legacy materials, dealing with these challenges is very similar to carrying out military operations.  Unknown fills need to be identified and even if the fill is known there is still the desire to ultimately neutralise the hazard.  Valent have worked on a number of projects where our technology not only solved the problem but did so in a very cost effective way.

The Problem of the Sealed Container!


Sealed containers and system abound in many different sectors whether container CW agents, radioactive material or toxic chemicals the nature of the challenge is the same – how to establish what is inside and then dispose of it.  Non-invasive techniques can do so much but are limited by the external wall which seals in the dangerous contents.  For complete certainty a physical sample is required and in addition any disposal technique requires direct access to the contents.  Valent has produced a range of equipment that can overcome the external wall without allowing the contents to escape.